VAZ 2102 in the pneuma

Red Accord sought confident in the town of Zhukovsky, cutting May night bright beams of xenon headlights and constantly maneuvering in traffic jams, and then appear on our seemingly not a long way. Outside the window floated landscapes near Moscow alternately exchangeable refills and rural shops. From the interior columns filled with jazz melodies, enveloping everything and setting the desired fashion. We were confident in the success of the campaign waged for the past six months.

The story began in January 2012, when my friend Rebhi decided that his life should see the car that would become his friend for many years. That's VAZ 2102 has become an integral part of his life. Rebhi studying in the MSTU. Bauman parallel interested in sports, is constantly striving to set goals and learn something new. I remember him as a friend made fun of me when I first came to him in the Zhiguli in 2011, but things are changing and now, six months later, we tirelessly phoning dozens of boards and appoint the date of the inspection countless 02. One of the most interest in the list was a red 2102, is located in the town of Zhukovsky. There was no doubt that she immediately sunk into the soul Rebhi.

The first time we saw the car at the end of January and were delighted: excellent condition, one owner ... But the story would not be so interesting if not for it though bit of intrigue. We were unable to immediately get in touch with the seller. Sergey hesitated to sell or not to sell, we have made every effort to convince him, but have only "I thinkĀ».

For four months, we called and talked, asked, urged, sometimes people came ... And the miracle happened. Ahead were the May holidays, and people tried to escape from the city in every way, our dream was a little more prosaic - just in time, while the volatile mood of the seller does not replace the vector. A small auction the car, loading detail in the trunk, the two signatures, and here it is - a victory. VAZ 2102 - Suburban Sun, 1976 issue, in excellent condition.

Of course, not everything went smoothly: just work through wiring beam, turn signals and the absence of a stop signal, but it was the little things that definitely could not dampen the joy of buying this instance. Each employee was our traffic police in the evening, all was interesting to look at the car, and we are anxious to get to the destination and rest.

A few days later Rebhi to address the small faults, changed the old oil pump, all liquid pumped the brakes, set the protection and began appearance. Finding chrome elements, refreshment and polishing bumpers, restoration stampings, buying the right tires and of course, the old-fashioned sawn spring brought a classic look of the Volga car its own flavor. In this state, the car spent the 2012 season, delighting the weekend people by their appearance on the roads of Moscow.

By the beginning of 2013 Rebhi was clearly convinced that without pneumatic machine that he no longer sees. Since the sake of style, he had to sacrifice a long trip by car, and each hit the ground was like a knife in the heart. Many may dispute this position, but the fact remains - it was decided to amend the suspension.

After several months, it was decided to give the car in KowTow Garage, where painted in the colors of the installation procedure, results and future opportunities. The boys set to work, immediately upon receipt of the kit of parts touched every last bolt, replace worn parts of Soviet era. Then there was a period of measurements, calculations and the installation itself, which brought a lot of structural changes in the original plan of work. Route all the elements and testing, Jack began working on the design of all of this miracle. 4 times guys reworked design of the trunk until it made a beautiful, light and intriguing appearance. The suspension was collected on two compressors with a control unit viAir AirLift AUTOPILOT V2. All external elements were picked up as much as possible combined with each other to achieve harmony in the final version.

The result exceeded all expectations: it really is a beautiful car, which at the same time more than utilitarian. In our opinion, the owner managed to reach the edge, where minimalism is attractive, and the attention to detail is the highlight of the project.

We expect that the 2014 Suburban Sun will travel.
List of car modifications: VAZ 2102 1976 model year.
Engine: 1, 2 standard
Transmission: 4-speed standard
Air suspension



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