Brand Alexander McQueen remains

Guide French luxury group PPR, which owns the brand Alexander McQueen, said that despite the death of the designer, the release of things in his name continue. "This will be the best tribute to the memory that we can repay him," - believes the president of the group Francois Henri Pinault. As explained by the head of the company's decision to keep the brand was made very quickly, immediately after the news of the death of the designer. According to him, it is important that the fashion house has retained its "very important potential." At a meeting in Paris on business PPR, Pinault was not businesslike emotional. He said that he had lost his close friend, in whom much is missing. The label Alexander McQueen is part of a group of companies «Gucci», which is owned by PPR. Under this brand, there are 11 boutiques around the world and the only fashion house employs 180 people. Director of Gucci Group, Robert Polet said that Alexander McQueen in recent years managed to create a recognizable brand. Alexander McQueen is now perhaps the most famous British label in the world. Flight said that the creative team with the designer, continued work on a new collection that McQueen himself did not have time to complete. It is, as planned, will be presented on March 9 in Paris.


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