Fashion designer Alexander McQueen hanged himself

it became known that the British designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide. He was found hanged at his home on Green Street in London around 10 am. He was 40 years old. Police, surveying the scene, came to the conclusion of suicide. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death were not revealed. About the reasons that led the famous designer to take a desperate step, nothing is yet known. A spokesman for McQueen refused to give any comments, explaining that all his colleagues, friends and relatives suppressed shocking news. In a statement released by Alexander McQueen, also not reported on the causes of the accident. The tragedy happened right in the opening day of the Fashion Week in New York, and a month later Alexander McQueen had to present his new collection in Paris. The news of his suicide was a shock to the world of fashion. "I am shocked and deeply saddened by McQueen's death - he was a genius and his talent was not aware of equals", - commented on the news of the designer Matthew Williamson. "His death was a great loss to all who knew him and for many people who are not familiar with it", - says the editor of British Vogue Alexander Schulman. Three years ago, committed suicide a close friend of the designer journalist Isabella Blow. Her death was a serious shock for McQueen.


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