200-year-old tree in a gift Pitt

Angelina Jolie has presented her husband Brad Pitt unusual gift: a 200-year-old olive tree. It is reported that the acquisition cost 19 000 dollars. Tree nurseries grown in the garden called The English Garden in Valbonne near their homes. Now the tree "move" to a new location: at the estate of spouses Château Miraval near the French town of Brignoles. "Brandzhelina" bought the estate two years ago. It is located on an area of ​​405 hectares, where there is a lake and forest. About 30 hectares are reserved for vineyards. Wine from the estate of Hollywood stars is available in various restaurants in France. On the estate there are 20 fountains, aqueducts and hidden ditches through which the water fills the lake. On the stone terraces grow 13 varieties of olive trees. And another unique tree adorn this beauty.


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