Frederique Constant and Cohiba created a limited series of watches

Frederique Constant has created a limited edition series of watches in collaboration with one of the most famous cigar brands Cohiba. Frederique Constant For Cohiba is a set consisting of a chronometer, a humidor and cigars. Results will be released 188 such sets. Chronometer for Spetsizdanie made on the basis of a collection Frederique Constant Carree. Watches are available in the case of steel or rose gold. The price have not been announced, but experts believe bounds Ariel Adams, it should not be high. "I think that collectors will consider the inscription« Cohiba »on the dial of place - he writes. - Connoisseurs or amateurs do not want to see someone else's brands on expensive things. Branding creates the feeling that it is a cheap promotional gift, not an exclusive collector's item. Co-branding is better to use on items such as hats and bags. " UPD: Attentive readers will pay attention that the Cohiba in the set "the left." This can only be a Cohiba Cuban, and here - cigars come from the Dominican Republic. In general, it turned a strange set of highly respected Swiss brand.


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