Handbags from Tiffany

famous jewelry house Tiffany took over the production of women's handbags. The new collection of US stores, including both miniature clutches and roomy bags, appears to September 1. Each item flaunts recognizable symbol of the fashion house - azure egg thrush. Prices vary greatly handbags Tiffany: $ 395 for a small open suede purse to $ 17,500 for the great classic bag made of crocodile skin. Tiffany took up new markets because of the crisis. In recent years, women are more willing to spend money on accessories rather than decoration. "Unlike jewelry that is not always appropriate to look, there is always the use of purse" - says John Long, a developer of strategies for retailers of consulting firm Kurt Salmon Assosiates. Designers collection are Richard Lambertson and John Trux (pictured). They used to sell their handbags under its own brand Lambertson Truex. But in the spring of their company went bankrupt. Tiffany bought the trademark and invited to their work designers. Lamberston told they had to break their heads over how to make the bags, which would correspond to the image of Tiffany. "We wanted to make something that people saw the bag exclaimed:" Oh! This should be a bag of Tiffany ยป, - he says. - It turned out to be a daunting task. "


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