What size bags will talk about her owner.

On women's handbag can easily characterize her owner. Thus it is necessary to take into account size, color bags, the material, the number of different decorations and additions.

Bag Dimensions and character:
Handbags larger sizes are typical for individuals with a high capacity for work, developed intellect, great outlook. These bags usually have a lot of branches for different items. In a large bag can find its place not only cosmetic bag and purse, and notebooks, diaries, notebooks, notes, books.

Handbags medium-sized prefer to wear women devote much time to a variety of personal reasons, not particularly busy business problems at work. During working hours, they pay much attention to extraneous conversations at work these workers do not stay long.

Small bags without handles, which can accommodate only what you need, choose a woman restrained and highly organized, who know exactly what they want in life.

As a woman and holding her purse is:

If a woman wears a bag in his hand lowered - it says about her sobriety, punctuality, politeness and restraint. Such women characterized by a high responsibility.

Women shopping, loving order, are handbags, wearing her pen on her hand and pressed his elbow to his waist. In addition, these women are constant in their views, have a sense of self-esteem. They always try to look good, to be always well-groomed and beautiful, not to cause unnecessary gossips and discussions.

Overconfidence women who are not interested in the opinions of others, often wear a bag, envelope or bag, clutch, holding her around the corner, often forgetting it in the most unexpected places.
Uncertain and shy women wear a bag on his shoulder, with the hand almost always fixed and folded down.

Sociable, funny women who want to be in the spotlight, wearing a bag on his shoulder, but their arms are movable, prone to excessive gesticulation.

Shoulder bag, abandoned on the back, is characteristic of flighty women with unstable mentality, capable of finding around the pretext for the scandal.

Closed, quiet and serious women wear the bag under his arm. They may be reliable, faithful and unselfish friends.
If a woman no matter what her buy a bag, not the usual manner of wearing it - it says its impermanence, instability tastes and opinions, propensity to excessive irritability.


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