James Cameron

to raise money to support the fund X-Prize, funding bold scientific and technical endeavors, the creator of "Avatar" James Cameron has organized a special auction. On sale is an opportunity to find oneself in weightlessness with a famous director. To stay a little bit in weightlessness can be on board a converted Boeing 727-200, G-Force One, created specifically for the training of astronauts to fly in space. On board this unusual ship, apart from astronauts visited by celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Martha Stewart and Stephen Hawking. Himself James Cameron has previously managed to get in weightlessness. According to him, it is a fantastic feeling. On a flight to Cameron intends to take his wife Suzy. Departure of the flight is scheduled for October 9, but trades are completed on September 10, so that little time is left. On sale there are two lots: one single ticket and a ticket for two.


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