A selection of outstanding works of photographer Richard Avedon


selection of outstanding works of photographer Richard Avedon, exhibited at Christie's auction in Paris, attracted extraordinary attention from collectors. Total revenue of the auction house was € 5 million 5. In the preliminary assessment of all lots of € 3-5 million. Top-lot auction, as expected, has become one of the most famous works of Avedon's "Dovima with elephants, evening dress by Dior, Winter Circus Paris "in 1955. This a photographic exhibition height of 2 meters is the largest of all. That he was included in the list of exhibits Avedon retrospective exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 1978. After a quarter century of work in the studio of the photographer. The new owner of the lot has become a museum-estate of Christian Dior, to pay for the iconic picture of € 841 000. The second top lot of the auction was the color image Beatles in 1973, who went under the hammer for € 454 thousand., And a third in value - half-naked photo model Stephanie Seymour. Money raised from the sale of works by Richard Avedon, will be sent to his fund and spent for charitable purposes: the maintenance of the archive of photos, providing access to, scientists and students, development of educational programs on the creative legacy of Avedon.


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