The new Louis Vuitton collection creates a tattoo artist

Louis Vuitton ppredstavil first video dedicated to men's collection for Spring / Summer 2011. According to the laws of advertising genre, the movie reveals a little veil of secrecy over the future collection, but only a little bit, just to intrigue the audience. The video shows the famous artists of tattoos, Scott Campbell, his working day and at the end of the day, he collected things left his native New York. Ticketing, flashed in the frame, you can guess that its destination - the airport Charles de Gaulle, air gates of Paris. Scott Campbell is the star №1 among tattooists. That it owns most of the "tattoos" of Hollywood stars, and he personally stuffed drawings on the body of Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs. Campbell has worked for the LV: in June, was a collection of accessories created with the direct participation of the artist. Judging by the first video, he would be the main star of the future collection. What exactly he coined for Louis Vuitton - we will know soon enough.


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