Roberto Cavalli and nochnykekluby Russia

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli is negotiating the opening until the end of 2011 of two nightclubs in Russia. Business partners will make the founder and co-owner of the Azerbaijani TV channel ATV Sahib Ibrahimov. In Russia, establishments under the label Cavalli Clubs will be opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Cavalli also plans expansion in Ukraine - in Kiev also look for suitable premises for the club. Roberto Cavalli club first opened in 2008 in Florence. Online users Cavalli Clubs three places: yet one in Milan and Dubai (pictured). Interior design of each of them designed by the designer himself. While in Moscow, there is only one night zavednie belonging to the international network. Pacha Moscow, opened two years ago, it is the only European in motley succession of Moscow clubs.


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