Graff Diamond Swan

jewelry house Graff presented at Baselworld 2011 diamond watch in the shape of a swan. This bird was chosen by British artists, as it is the embodiment of "the eternal symbol of love, elegance, beauty and sincerity." They are made in the classic tradition of "secret" watches: lifting wing of a bird, you can see the time. Swan is mounted on the bracelet, strewn with 832 white diamonds. This bracelet symbolizes the water surface of the lake, on which rests the precious bird. Lebedev himself too entirely covered with diamonds, and its wings are embellished with large stones cut "Marquis". Total hours spent on the production of over 900 stones weighing a total 54, 7 carats. The price of jewelry miracle Graff modestly silent. Only one stone ornaments "pull" a quarter of a million dollars. On the other interesting updates BaselWorld 2011, you can learn from the article Luxury Magazine.


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