Space is getting closer to the people

On a day when the whole world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight, PoshSpace will be dedicated exclusively space-related. To our universal joy, space for the past half-century has ceased to be exclusively the domain of the military, academics and telecommunication corporations. Slowly it becomes available for the wealthy earthlings. One of the main activists in the commercial development of the near-Earth space is a British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Recently, he first made a stranger on board the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo. The honor to be the first guest had the BBC journalist Richard Scott. Wade had on board through a small hole in the bottom of the ship. "Obviously, still have a lot of work", - concluded the reporter. Inside the ship is empty - the bare walls so wires - but you can imagine, which will include six passengers in future flights Virgin Galactic. On the ship a lot of windows - on the sides and on the roof - to provide "space travelers" a better view of our planet. When SpaceShipTwo will be released into space, the roar of rocket engines behind the cab shall cease to be heard. And in silence (and weightlessness) tourists can enjoy for five minutes with the views of the Earth's orbit. Those wishing to see this magnificent sight with my own eyes has already gained worldwide more than 400 people. Given that the ticket price starts from $ 200 000. video>


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