Virgin Galactic intends to launch satellites in 2400 to connect to the remote regions

Richard Branson, head of Virgin, заявил the intention of his company (unit Virgin Galactic) launch in 2400 of small communications satellites. The goal - to connect to the web residents remote regions, where all the other ways you can connect to the Internet possible.

This project is the third of its kind, offering internetization remote regions. The first two proposed Google ( Google Loon ) and Facebook. If at least one of the projects will be implemented, it will connect to the Internet a lot more people than now.

In the first phase of the project is scheduled to launch 648 communications satellites, in order to ensure the normal operation of the company OneWeb (this company will be engaged in work with users). It is planned that OneWeb can connect to the network, millions of people who previously was not possible. All satellites will be in low orbit. It is worth noting that OneWeb will work and Qualcomm, the company has undertaken to work with regional partners.

OneWeb terminals will work as a small access points that will provide access to the Internet via WiFi, LTE, 3G or 2G (it all depends on the local telecom operator and the spectrum of the frequency with which the operator has the right to work).

To start microsatellites will be used two-stage rocket LauncherOne, developed now Virgin Galactic. Booster will deliver at a low orbit objects weighing up to 225 pounds, and the high orbit objects weighing up to 120 kilograms. The cost in this case the start less than 10 million dollars.

The main objective of the project, as mentioned above - providing a wide channel of communication with the Network for people in remote regions of the planet.



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