People magazine paid $ 1, 5 million in the wedding pictures Kim Kardashian

While for some secular character wedding - continuous expenses, others - manage to make some money on it. People magazine posted 1, 5 million dollars for exclusive coverage of the American wedding party girl Kim Kardashian. The money pozovolili compensate only partially. According to various sources, the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries stood at between $ 10 to $ 20 million. Photo socialite in a white dress by Vera Wang (the wedding she had bought as many as three of the dress designer) appeared on the cover of the magazine. This image immediately raised questions: why Kim decided to shine alone, and newfound left her husband behind the scenes? Bloggers were perplexed editor People said Jen Garcia. "We just wanted a bride, - she explained. - It's her day, we want it to cover. Besides, the groom slightly above Kim, so that is very problematic to shoot them together. "


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