Brando was the grandson of a watchmaker-pirate


grandson of actor Marlon Brando - Tuki Brando - appeared in advertisements for the French watch brand TechnoMarine. Together with him in the campaign was attended by Taiwanese model Chin C, Albanian actor Arben Bazhraktarazh and Slovak fashion model Ivana Vankova. On the advertising posters in all of them covered one eye pirate patch, which acts as the clock TechnoMarine. Such a move, the leadership hopes the brand will attract the young and daring buyers. "Our brand is at the stage where you need to change the way of communication with consumers. All business is based on history, but, unfortunately, in recent years, the brand had nothing to tell, "- lamenting the new director general, Jacques-Philippe Auriol. The presented images - only the beginning of history. As head of the company shared advertising saga will last 10 years, during which the gallery "pirates" will expand. 49e9032455.jpg





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