Prada Phone and LG - Version 3.0 [now with pictures!]

Prada and LG in early 2012, will present the third version of a joint phone. Cooperation of the Italian and Korean brands started in 2006, when he was released mobile phone LG Prada, also known under the symbol LG KE850. He became the first smartphone with a touchscreen and was a huge success - it sold over a million units. Prada phone by LG 1.0, even got into the museum's permanent exhibition of modern art in New York (MoMA) and Shanghai (MOCA). Third-generation phones Prada-LG have to survive in conditions of acute competition from iPhone, BlackBerry, TAG Heuer, Vertu, etc. Head of LG mobile phones at Pak Chong Sok said that they are willing to provide the buyer of luxury vehicles is something that "can not be repeated by other companies." Let's see what the Italian-Korean duo is able to counter the market leaders. Updated on 14.12.2011: On the exit of the phone officially announced. Now we have and pictures!


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