Hotel of the aircraft carrier

military experts long wondered how to dispose of China in 1996 bought the aircraft carrier "Kiev". Contrary to the fears, the government of China have turned the Soviet Navy warship into a luxury hotel. Hotels in former military air transport, we have already seen, but the cancellation of the military to a civilian ship hotel - the first of its kind. The hotel became part of the project Binhai: 80 thousand square meters of military theme park, which opened in 2004 on the east of the country in Tianjin. The Chinese Government has transferred the park and an aircraft carrier. For the conversion of the ship has been spent $ 15 million. Now at the aircraft carrier ready-three presidential suites, the largest of which covers an area of ​​400 square meters. By the beginning of 2012 it is planned to complete another 148 rooms unusual hotel. What is interesting, restaurant menus aboard the aircraft carrier consists mainly of Russian cuisine. Without pasta nautically, I suppose, has not done.


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