Phone tourbillon Celsius X VI II LeDIX Furtif

The French company Celsius X VI II presented at Baselworld this mechanical phone LeDIX Furtif. The mysterious device from carbon fiber, decorated with golden details, collected 700 mechanical parts. Under the sapphire crystal on the front of the display is not like most ordinary mobile phones, and the most real watches tourbillon, rhythmic movements which cause the heart to beat Horlogerie connoisseurs often. Telephone Celsius X VI II was announced for a long time, but only in 2012 was able to move from the experimental stage to production. To create a mechanical mobile phone French company spent five years. The engineers had to overcome a lot of difficulties. Tourbillon in LeDIX Furtif unlike hours greatly shifted from the center, so we had to rebuild the entire mechanism of the device. The electromagnetic fields generated by mobile communications have become a problem for the accuracy of the mechanical clock. LeDIX Furtif first of its kind on a number of parameters. This is the first mobile phone in the case of carbon fiber, lightweight and durable material. The device is equipped with a proprietary system Remontage Papillon (¬ęPlant Butterfly"), generating additional power to the battery due to the energy of folding-unfolding phone. On the creation of this miracle were employed 35 people - engineers, watchmakers, artists and other professionals. Such a device is complicated, of course, may not be available. Cost Celsius X VI II LeDIX Furtif is $ 300 000. But even with the said amount, to become the owner of the phone is not easy. Model LeDIX Furtif will be available from the month of May in three limited series of eight copies: with accents of pink gold, platinum or black metal. Total - 24 unit for the whole world.


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