Lunch with Buffett

price lunch with US investor Warren Buffett has grown to 3, 5 million, which was an absolute record for 12 years, the charity event. For the right to dine in the company of investment guru traded 10 people. As a rule, the winner of the auction has not been disclosed, and it happened this time. Recipient of funds traditionally becomes fund Glide Foundation in San Francisco, which helps the homeless. In total, the action "lunch with Buffett" brought the fund has 11, 5 million dollars. Money from the auction are an essential means of Glide Foundation, an annual budget of $ 17 million. Buffett arranges such auctions every year, the first time it was held in 2000. Over recent years, the price of lunch with billionaire investor and growing steadily. So, in 2011, the auction winner paid $ 2, 6 million., In 2010 - $ 2, 6 million., 2009 - $ 1, 7 million. In the first year the shares in 2000, the right to dine with Buffett was sold for just $ 25 thousand.


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