Club billionaire philanthropists Bill Gates


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have convinced by example 11 more billionaires give a large part of their capital to charity. Initiative of the two richest Americans Giving Pledge provides a donation to charity at least half of personal wealth. Give "The Giving Pledge" this year agreed to 11 more people, including the CEO Netflix Reed Hastings and chairman of Intel, Gordon Moore. Thus, the total number of supported Giving Pledge is already 92 people. Among other celebrities who supported the initiative Bill & Melinda Gates - director George Lucas, a former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz. Each participant in the mandatory publicly confirmed his entry into the club of benefactors and sign a written commitment. And that's what it is to donate money, he decides donor. Gates him this is not a decree.


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