The first private club for women in London

Traditional men's clubs of London finally lost its monopoly. Some of the older establishments in the new century opened the doors to the beautiful half of humanity. But now in the UK capital being born and the new format of the closed clubs, which ordered the entrance to men. The new institution Grace Belgravia is positioning itself as the city's first private club for women only. They see their members' spirituality, discerning, health-conscious women who want the best. " The establishment offers ladies refuge in the center of the city, where they can take a breath and do another. Participants of the club are available spa, Turkish bath, gym, studio, beauty salon, a boutique, a relaxation area, a library, cinema, restaurant and bar. Each member of the club attached personal "angel" to help with the organization of business. In addition to this, women from the club can take advantage of a nearby clinic run by the Royal Aptekar Dr. Tim Evans. Actually, the latter is the initiator and inspirer of the project. But even he, the rights holder will not be able to penetrate the closed doors Grace Belgravia. However, leaving the possibility to invite representatives of the stronger sex. On Tuesdays, the club will be held dinners, which can hit people of any gender. Organizers plan to dial 800 permanent members. The annual subscription is £ 5500.


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