How to learn to express their thoughts?

I think many would agree that a person who knows how to correctly pronounce it produces the most favorable impression. He most successful and more easily achieve their goals. Beautifully delivered it wants to listen and listen endlessly and ignorant it makes you want to cover your ears and run away as soon as possible.

Many people who have good intelligence and inherently interesting personalities, nevertheless do not know how to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and emotions. But well-organized it is not a natural gift, it can and should be trained. Even if you are not going to become a professional speaker, you will not interfere with these skills in everyday life.

Here are some rules that will help you improve the quality of speech:

1) The more I read various books: newspapers, magazines. A good option to check out our domestic classics, which we were asked to read in school. Read need not hurry, think about every sentence. This will allow you to learn how to build words into sentences and increase your vocabulary.

2) Try to exclude from his speech word-parasites, "Well", "in general", "like", "well, it's," "damn" and so on. D. Try not to talk to express strong emotions. Use simple phrases, do not hurry.

3) Be sure to follow the tempo of speech. Monotonous speech is insane boredom. Pauses and highlight certain points emotions, but not much.

4) Eat during a conversation various metaphors, similes, proverbs. This greatly enliven your speech. And of course, humor. Joke, including over itself, if appropriate in a given situation, it is useful.

5) In order to train your speech, you need to have a wide circle of friends. In its absence, suitable radio and television. You can try to emulate his favorite TV presenter: repeating his phrases, copy intonation.

6) There is another fun exercise. Take some household objects, such as pan and try for 5 minutes to talk about it on the beautiful literary language. Initially, this process will cause you to have clear difficulties, but each time will become easier. Gradually increase your workout and complicate the issue. These exercises will help you soon learn to choose the right words and you have an hour to talk about the pan, never repeat in phrases.

Gradually expand your vocabulary and use all this knowledge in a conversation, you will notice that you have acquired power over words, and now they will serve you.

Need to extract information from everywhere: from books, articles, newspapers. Learn the value of unknown words you, learn to pronounce them correctly.

After a few months of training you do not have a problem with an expression of your thoughts in the conversation. You can easily accessible language to explain the essence of complex things.


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