Red Beach Kaihalulu

We already wrote about the white, pink, green and multicolored beaches ... Today let's talk about the red beach area, which is located in the Bay of Kaihalulu.

As for the name "Kaihalulu" or Ā«KaihaluluĀ», it is translated as "sea roar," and indeed local breaking seas in this place high and create a lot of noise. However, the hallmark of the beach area, which is located on the Hawaiian island of Maui is called the color of sand. Here the sand is dark red, and it has become possible due to the volcano Cauca, last erupted repeatedly and subsequently collapsed. It should be noted that the local sand contains a huge amount of rust, but dirty it is not possible even if you want.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the high waves made the Red Beach a favorite place for admirers of diving and other active recreation. In addition, the inaccessibility of the beach area appeals to followers of nudism ...

Alas, this way to the beach area required by a narrow and dangerous passage along the ridge, which runs near the cemetery. However, the beauty of this beach, the diversity of the underwater world, as well as an exclusive opportunity to be alone do not stop travelers and lovers of all unique.

It is very beautiful and unusual, well, just imagine yourself such a combination as red sand, blue water and green trees ... this is truly fabulous! Definitely need to visit here each of us, it's an amazing place that is worthy of the most beautiful in the world.


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