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From the author:
They lived next door, two sisters, twins, Tanya and Anya. And though they were exactly the same, but I was in love with it in Tanya. How Come? I do not know. And the hair is darker, and laugh louder. And as she told me by the collar shoved snow! So she could only one girl in the world. It. One day, she gave me fill out a questionnaire. Well, remember? Our children's social network, grandfather Kontaktega. And there flowers, daisies, still some sort of her. And why then I took a pen and all that girly snotty beauty painted what that garbage. I do not remember what was painted, or "Choi zhyf", or "Metallica" and maybe even "Gaza Strip" ... I thought it was so funny, I was so severe and fashionable. And then she cried for three days. That's the whole story. Frankly, this is a very vivid memory, I still feel ashamed ...
Actually why I remembered it? I inspired this incredible mantle:
"It just so happens that I have a younger sister who is studying in the 4th grade.
Today checked the mailbox and found a miracle ...
The postcard is sent sister, later the same day, the hero came with flowers ... just like in the movie "Friends" ยป



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