Little fighter

The seven-year Jesse Haykkilla long fought for his life against brain cancer. During his short life, he had to undergo a lot of tests, but they were not destined to destroy his dreams. Jesse wanted to be a superhero or a police officer or a swimmer, participating in the Olympics. Unfortunately, that his dreams did not come true: he died at the age of 8 years. Jesse was not an ordinary boy of seven. He had so many hopes and dreams ... Since he wanted to grow up to fight the bad guys, the chief of the local police made him an honorary officer of his department

All employees of Bridgewater Police Department attended the funeral of the boy, to pay tribute to his deceased colleague a little

At the funeral, there were many police officers, his uncle was dressed in a Batman costume, and the organ played music from "Star Wars»

Everyone wanted to remember only the most joyous moments associated with Jesse.

Many city residents donned superhero costumes to honor the memory of the boy. They participated in the funeral procession and prayed for him.
Hard to hold back the tears when you see so many people, even those unfamiliar with Jesse, who want to show that they are not all the same.

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