Creative advertising techniques

Sooner or later, the owners of certain goods attends idea of ​​creating a creative advertising campaign, which would attract new buyers. This article is designed to help ridiculous and unsuccessful creatives in advertising technology. Headphones - they are in Africa headphones. While it may be, where they grow like flowers? Sony introduced their fantasies on the subject.

Continuing the theme flower. At this time, the creative producer of the children's cameras. Well, who else could see the elf, no matter how the child?

Or present in the apartment of the transformer, which came out of the Panasonic TV with super-realistic image?

In adults - their fantasies. Some are too busy photographing to appreciate what next.

Others already dependent on gaming consoles like PlayStation.

But much more still those who appreciate the timeless values. Like female friendship, beautiful cars, large nuclei and bright colors. No wonder that in this way again excelled PR Highscreen.

And now a little trash. Some creators believe that it is not the beauty will save the world, but rather a sense of humor. The sales of electronics that belief good works.
Advertising cooker hoods in the horror genre presented by Electra. It smells as unpleasant as cast.

But such outdoor advertising is especially popular among smartphone manufacturers. Grandma is not real, of course.

"There is no reason to spin" - the slogan for the new microwave oven from Samsung. Cow Ballerina in shock.

Sometimes the humor is built on a play of words. As in the online advertising Highscreen Boost 2, which is two weeks without ...

However, quite often there are not as fortunate "charade." With the words still need to be careful.



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