Satan from the mine

Strategic missile system R-36M (SS-20A) with a rocket 15A14. The first regiment of the rockets in the Orenburg Dombarovsky atonement on alert 25 December 1974.
Well, this is a rocket-know everything, and mainly - for her to code in NATO countries, "Satan", heavy (up to 211 tons) mine medium serious payload (up to 7,800 kg). The last child of designer general of the Dnepropetrovsk "Yuzhmash" Mikhail Yangel.
The first set of this family held out for a short time in service, giving even more perfect younger brothers, but the rustle done fairly. Two-stage, liquid-fuel missiles ampoule type used mortar ("cold") start - first in the world to launch this class. Missiles thrown out of the mine gas generators, and only in the air they included first-stage engine. Because of this, the start of the P-36M looks memorably: dvuhsottonnaya Mahina momentarily hangs over the end walls of the mine, and only then starts to accelerate.
The use of missiles in all weather conditions ensured above the mine, including and after non-destructive effects of the mine enemy nuclear warheads. Can start right through clouds of nuclear explosions blocking position area.
Combat equipment includes three options: "light", "heavy" and "divide" warheads. "Easy" is a monoblock power 8 Mm, "heavy" - monoblock power, according to various estimates, 20-25 Mt, and "divide" contained 8-10 blocks of individual guidance of various capacities in various combinations.
To equip the complex means to overcome missile defense missiles 15A14 were first used kvazityazhelye decoys that simulate nuclear warheads over the entire trajectory after separation, including much of the atmospheric section (due to overclocking solid engine thrust increasing).
Base complexes R-36M armed Russian troops have left: they were removed from service in 1982, equipping more advanced missiles 15A18. At the disposal of the Strategic Missile Forces are now advanced systems R-36M UTTKh with a rocket 15A18 and R-36M2 "Voivod" modified 15A18M - a total of about 60. But it is almost the other complexes, with new features, though inherit one of the original design.



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