Excursion to the missile silos silos UR-100N UTTKh

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With the missile silos in my "relationship" evolved twice: they were silos of R-16U and R-14. But they were abandoned or blown up the mine. So when military_press offered to go and look at the living silos of UR-100N, I naturally agreed. However, I was immediately warned that the missiles will not be mine.

So one day in September, I went in the Kaluga region, the city of Kozelsk, where stationed 28th Guards Red Banner Missile Division (Kozelskaya missile division). Let's look at once one of the biggest secrets of the country of the Soviets.
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1. First, we went to the command post, where there is control of the entire area. Immediately, the perimeter, and is operating mine with a missile.

2. The guardhouse sits guard platoon. In the case of activation of the perimeter, he rushes to the aid of soldiers, who may already be shot from a potential enemy, who is trying to infiltrate into the silo.

3. In full gear squad jumps in the car and goes to the point where the load to protect the perimeter.

4. In the meantime, this miracle machine at our disposal, and we're going to look at an open silo.

5. Meet - KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot" - lightly armored armored vehicle. You see a safe commander under his left arm? They kept the card and stick with the data for the navigation device.

6. Inside a lot of space. In addition to the driver and the commander must fit 8 fighters. We are, it seems, climbed 10 By the way, in the car even has air conditioning.

7. They left on a public road and went to the point. Oncoming cars looking at us with a big surprise. On the left, near the hatch - a branch. It is us through some bushes scraping.

8. Well, we are glad such a rare opportunity to ride with the wind in an APC.

9. Our driver got out of the car, otpinal all branches and climbed back. I do all sorts of things, and to worry about scratches from branches here absolutely not necessary.

10. Finally, it came to the point. In appearance - an ordinary clearing in the woods, fenced perimeter. On the territory there are two houses and a couple of dilapidated barns. What is needed here is a building - I had forgotten.

11. guardhouse.

12. Finally, the silos. In fact it is - a hole in the ground, closed the lid. Or, more correctly say - a safety device.

13. In this mine was on duty UR-100N UTTKh. Fuel tanks ampulizirovany. During the whole period of operation of the rocket is in the filled state in the transport and launch container that provides the required temperature.

14. It is time at the bottom. Dress harnesses, helmets and other attributes of TB.

15. But first, down into the mine from the security officer. He looks to see if there is something that we can not see. And even more pictures.

16. For the descent into the mine must first get down the stairs to a small area and then pushed into a very tight elevator.

17. After returning: "A rocket is not!" It was dismantled a few months ago. Now the fate of the silo. Either it will be recultivated (roughly speaking, dismantled and covered with) or altered under the new missile complex RS-24.

18. silo launcher rocket TPK secured by high depreciation system, which provides additional protection against missiles effects of a nuclear explosion.

19. The bottom of the shaft.

20. The length of the missile 24 is 3 m. I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry. the length of the WPK, I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry. clearances and all that. So I appreciate the depth of the mine about 30 meters.

21. The UR-100N UTTKh - rocket with hot gas-dynamic start. This means that the boosters are included directly in TPK and a rocket launched from the mine. And then there is the start of mortar when the first rocket fired gunpowder charge of the mine, and then later incorporated boosters.

22. The initial term of service UR-100N UTTKh posed on combat duty in 1979, was 10 years old. Now, according to the results of control shootings, it is extended to 31 years. As of July 2009 in Kozelsk missile division on duty stood 29 missiles. And all of Russia at that time was 70 ICBMs against 360 units in the period of maximum deployment of the complex.

23. silos in all its glory.

24. Lift for running down. When the mine is TPK with missiles, the elevator moves in a narrow space between them.

25. Military laugh at our vain attempts to get into the elevator with photographic equipment.

26. The element of the suspension device.


28. The protective device weighs, among other things, 150 tons and is able to withstand a nuclear blast. It opens completely for a few seconds. In an extreme case, even pyrotechnical fires back.

29. You see two white hemisphere on the opposite side? It detectors of nuclear explosion.

30. All finished with silos, is now going to the technical missile base.


32. Almost 11 tons of weight, 240 horses, range - 1,100 km.

33. Local installation on the RTB. Interesting here well, very much. But things are very secret. Especially the place where for the impressive perimeter stored warheads. So we have shown only one hangar, where there are only machines for maintenance and installation of TPK with UR-100N UTTKh the mine.

34. In a similar machine that with gable "roof", carry warheads. This six independently targetable warheads with nuclear warheads midrange power.

35. One of the installers. A total of two (part of the second - in the background). Why are two of them and that they specifically do - about it we tactfully silent. Maybe one pulls out combat troops from the WPK and the overload on the machine for transportation of goods, and the other carries only the rocket itself? I do not know.

36. The second installer.

37. The interior of the first.

38. The installer carries TPK MAZ-537 - a military tractor axle vehicle.

39. Two installer.

40. Finally - a few sketches of military life.






46. ​​



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