A reminder of the Cold War

Silos "Chusovaya" a long time allows you to place a strategic ballistic missiles R-14U and keep it in constant combat readiness. At the time of construction of the silos were a kind of symbol of the Cold War

Storage silos - protector of mine. Simply put - Spreading cover dug wells where produced launch of ballistic missile R-14U.

The scheme of the complex. We zelezli the shaft (circles on the map), located in the diagram at the top left. The complex group start \ "Chusovaia \" consists of three equidistant silos (about 100-120 meters away from each other).

The protective device (cover) silo \ "Chusovaia \". It was assumed that a rocket fired from the site will be able to hit any target alleged enemy in Europe.

And here we waited for the fun. Mine entrance (see. Chart) was covered with ... But we did not give up and managed to find a gap to get to the mine. Here's a small narrow opening (pictured) and help us get inside the object.

To make it clearer, entrance to the facility was carried out exactly (in the photo - a great alkobugi, which diluted the harsh male company).

Squeezed down and got here in this room.

Narrow aperture, stairs and get into the corridors silo \ "Chusovaia \". Stunning views, of course!

Cone-shaped part of the wall on the left - is the mine - or rather, the same well, where she was to be a rocket. Just above the pipe on the photo you can see the entrance to the \ "pit \».

Waterlogged corridor. Polurazobrannom themselves floors, empty space flooded with water.


Without lights have nothing to do on the site. You must not lose concentration due to the fact that you can simply fail. A lot of faults, voids due to the lack of metal plates.

Corridors silos.

Remains of the pipe and various metal structures.

View of the mine-pit. Then, unfortunately, have not climbed due to lack of time.

We had to be careful even in those days, not that now.

Gloomy corridor. You can only move on a thin metal track. In general, when you are constantly moving traps any danger, you ultimately assembled, attentive and you certainly high adrenaline. Sometimes it is not always interested in the fact of visiting the site as a permanent extreme, does not leave you for a minute.

And here is littered with the main entrance from the inside.

Premises passages. Enchanting place actually.

Everywhere pursues the smell of damp and rot. Frog on the floor running.

Toilet room silo \ "Chusovaia \».

Part of the supporting structure of the upper floor of the mine collapsed. Apparently, there was an explosion tank, although not sure. But the walls are smoked here.

Stalker-diggersky corridor. Dampness, water droplets, cold ... Just the same classic diggerstvo. Beautiful object, but there need to be at least three hours. And even better - 5. We had a bit of time and we briefly visited the mine corridors. Passage to the other two silos we have found. - Or rather, would find, but were limited in time. Classic underground military facility with its darkly austere aesthetics and adrenaline when you visit. Hopefully we'll come back here.



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