Mine nuclear missiles (6 photos)

Less than a month ago, there was life. Less than a month ago, a stranger with a camera fitted to any of the sixty-launchers, would risk, at best, to get to a special person, and at worst - to get to a special person with a hole in any part of the body of the bullet time. It took less than a month, and sixty-launchers are not wanted. Only timid intelligent collectors ferrous metal sawing secretly transformers, yes vagrants loafers flies loitering in the corpse that was impenetrable nuclear shield defunct country.

Fig.1 Roof silo launcher. Installing detached, one position - one start. Except for the start-up, at each position is mine with a maintenance-free technology equipment, tightly closed concrete roof penetration it is possible only in the presence of heavy machinery.

Figure 2 Luke tip in pit silos. Weighs not know how many, but a lot.

Figure 3. Inside the pit damp, all equipment and cables are cut and removed even by the military. Collectors metal inside is not reached.

Figure 4. The same hatch, view from below. Pimples on the walls - a material similar to the foam core, serves as insulation mine.

Figure 5 corridor surrounds the mouth of the mine. Everywhere broken up silica gel, used to maintain a low level of humidity inside. No moves inside the silos is not. In the lower right corner of the photo is visible niche with the remnants of cables - in it, among other things, placed hydraulic, Sliding roof launcher.

Figure 6. Remains of the cabinet, which was once the equipment and cable racks.

Figure 7. A glass silos. As already mentioned, the entry of possible only through the roof of the mine, which hydraulic completely dismantled and removed. From the pit entrance inside a glass there, and there is nothing to do - no stairs or walkways within no bare metal sheathed walls. At the bottom has already begun to accumulate water. Picture taken through the open hole for cable entry is connected to the transport and launch container missiles.

On some of the items still preserved military presence that monitor the dismantling of equipment. Their mood is quite depressing-pohuisticheskoe (and what they can still be in the mood in this situation), however, despite this, to newcomers without gazorezok trucks and they are friendly and even told anecdotes about the history of the system.



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