Tiny house overlooking the Mount Fuji

In the Japanese city of Kanagawa there is a tiny house by the sea, covering an area of ​​only 3x8 meters, built for the same owner and used as a shelter on the weekends. Through the window is designed so that the house received a lot of light and a view of Mount Fuji was available to residents of neighboring houses.

Since the building was erected near the ocean, it is a necessary measure project studio Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects steel piles and concrete block, raising the house to a safe height. On top of that concrete platform creates an ideal opportunity for parking the owner's car and one guest.

To get inside the house, windows can be of cantilevered stairs on one side of the building, and to go down to the shoreline, you need to use the second staircase on the other side. However, to enjoy the view, in sunny days, not necessarily even go down to the beach. You can sit on a concrete block with his legs dangling and enjoy the ocean and Fuji.

The same landscape can be enjoyed from every floor of the house, windows. Especially when the storm is raging and I want to feel protected. And the second floor of buildings, where the bathroom and kitchen counter tops with long straight along the windows, allowing eyes to rest, even during cooking.

In today's world, the need for a secluded shelter encourages designers and architects to seek more and more opportunities for dwelling hermits.

Source: www.novate.ru


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