Germany in detail (31 photos)

We are used to not pay attention to small details, and in the end, many errors are normal for us.
But when we come to Europe or America, I immediately feel that something is wrong.
It seems there is dirt and homeless, but something is still wrong, feels a different level.
You just have a closer look at the details and everything will be clear.
Author strolled in Dusseldorf and Wuppertal, and figured out how they are arranged sidewalks, train stations and playgrounds.

01. This is a street. Please note that on the sidewalks plitochki and protect bars. Please note that if there is a car park, it is parking. For her special reserved seats. There is no spontaneous parking, as we do.

02. When parallel parking, it is normally organized. Places separated by trees, all marked out. The street lights are but the wires between them - a miracle!

03. This garbage cans. They are closed, they do not dig the homeless, from nothing takes off and does not follow, they do not smell. Next to the garbage cans go passersby and do not close the nose.

04. Surprisingly, this crosswalk! It has a well-marked sign, which is illuminated at the same time. Marking a clear and understandable. Bicycle paths are shown in red. Before proceeding are planted with trees and bushes to the car not parked right on going.


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