Germany in detail (31 photos)

We are used to not pay attention to small details, and in the end, many errors are normal for us.
But when we come to Europe or America, I immediately feel that something is wrong.
It seems there is dirt and homeless, but something is still wrong, feels a different level.
You just have a closer look at the details and everything will be clear.
Author strolled in Dusseldorf and Wuppertal, and figured out how they are arranged sidewalks, train stations and playgrounds.

01. This is a street. Please note that on the sidewalks plitochki and protect bars. Please note that if there is a car park, it is parking. For her special reserved seats. There is no spontaneous parking, as we do.

02. When parallel parking, it is normally organized. Places separated by trees, all marked out. The street lights are but the wires between them - a miracle!

03. This garbage cans. They are closed, they do not dig the homeless, from nothing takes off and does not follow, they do not smell. Next to the garbage cans go passersby and do not close the nose.

04. Surprisingly, this crosswalk! It has a well-marked sign, which is illuminated at the same time. Marking a clear and understandable. Bicycle paths are shown in red. Before proceeding are planted with trees and bushes to the car not parked right on going.

05. This is a street in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransition. There are no borders. Look at the hatch on the road.

06. Tactile tiles for the visually impaired in the color of pavement, it does not stand out bright yellow, it is small and neat. Everything is done perfectly smoothly and efficiently. Here is the junction of the road and go into the city where respect and love people.

07. It is the crossing of the tram rails. All in one level. Here you can safely go to the wheelchair or take the trolley.

08. This pavement with tiles. If you go for this tile with your eyes closed, you will never feel the joints. Tile throughout the lies perfectly straight. On it, you can safely go for heels or carry a baby carriage.

09. That curb. In Germany, used dozens of different borders.

10. Here, for example, a rounded border around the tree, sharing parking. It is difficult to imagine such a unit in Russia.

11. This trolley.

12. This is a children's playground.

13. Playground is made so that it does not want to play and adults. It is not in clown paint colors.

14. This is a children's slide.

15. This is the entrance to the porch of a house. Left indicated any organization sitting there. Right from the entrance ashtray. Pay attention to the drain pipe, the eye immediately goes down the drain, but does not fill with water the yard. Amazing technology, to which Russia for a long time did not think. The entrance without steps. Why do we need a step at the entrance one can not explain. Times when the door collapses snow were held in Moscow.

16. This stop. It is lit, there is a display with the time of arrival of transport and the column to call the police. Wooden Bench, to be able to sit in the winter. Stopping clean, comfortable, no adware debris on it is safe to wait for transport.

17. At each stop hanging traffic pattern of the urban transport schedule and map of the area. All you need to plan your route. Not stopping at one of Moscow there is nothing like it.

18. It is difficult to believe, but it is a modern tram.

19. It is an urban bar in Dusseldorf. He adorns the city it is beautiful and elegant.

20. This hatch on the pedestrian area in Cologne. On it the emblem of the city, but not terrible inscriptions Standard ***. Luc adorn the streets.

21. Let's go to the station. This navigation at the transition station of Cologne. Here everything is clear without words - the use conventional icons.

This is the entrance to the transition at the Kazan station

22. Employees of the station are always happy to help, they speak English, they are friendly and open to communication. They are in such light that's booths and meet passengers smile.

23. This train.

24. And this train. If there is a gap between the train and the platform, then it folds special platform, so that no one failed. We do not have any difficulties in order to fly to the gap between the platform and the train - sometimes it seems that they specifically extend under the human dimensions.

25. This wagon train. Then clean, light and comfortable.

26. The interiors of different trains.

27. In the train a screen which shows the next stop, the speed of the train, and the train schedule at the nearest station.

28. Important announcements translated into major languages, to all the inhabitants of it was clear.

29. Each car has trash. Surprisingly, because of that the trains are very clean.

This selection is endless. I would like to photograph every stone, every column, every playground and classified. I would like all show and tell, people to see, as can be and changed his attitude. To puddles bad tiles and dirty trains were not considered the norm.

Of course, in Germany, you can easily find a bad tile, incorrect referrals and dirty cars. The point here is not that. I'd like that in Russian cities, people finally realized that they were being deceived. What streets are clean and beautiful, that transport can be convenient and safe. And then do not look for 100 reasons why we will never be the way in Europe, let us think about how to make our city easier for people.



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