Mysterious invention (5 pics + 1 video)

Interesting device invented in the USSR Research Institute employees. But what her functional and where it can be applied probably nobody knows.
Maybe there is someone thinking that for this thing? ..

Long ago, in the Soviet Union, in a serious and major Research Institute scientists work. And in the course of their work, they have constructed a device quite unusual species. What are they doing with it - this is a mystery, but the unit has been lived and grieved at the laboratory scientists. And then the Soviet Union ended, SRI potrepyhalsya, potrepyhalsya, and died in agony, scientists fled, they throw out the equipment in landfills. A device that got me in the end.

Outwardly, this exhibit of engineering creativity is a cup-shaped monolithic block poisonous-orange hue. Block material - kind of an epoxy resin or its analogue, which is flooded with information contained in the block diagram. Since the epoxy is translucent, the scheme can barely see: among the transistors, resistors, logic, you can see the one and only IN-12A, with numbers from 0 to 9. From sticking two-wire unit with a 220 volt plug at the end, and three rubber feet (recessed). Do not see any sensor or sensors, there are no buttons, switches or toggle switches; all that is there - wire and Inca.

Fun starts when sticking wires into the socket. The device, which is due to the solidity were not afraid of neither the USSR nor the restructuring, nor Russian, nor the collapse of the research institute, revives. Inside begin to hear the clicking of a frequency of about 30-50 Hz, occasionally stray from the rhythm, as if there were hundreds of small spinning gears. A neonka indicator lights up and begins to shine, consistent and once every 3-5 seconds changing figure. After reaching 9, it returns to 0 and starts the cycle over again. And the funny thing: he remembers the figure at which the stop and then turn on the new countdown starts from it.

All attempts to understand what it is, rested in more or less the only logical assumption. Scientists were bored. Scientists have fun as they could, and boredom dazzled the ... thing. Apparently, this device is a mechanical counter with an electronic decoder, outputting a signal to the Inca, but there really - no one knows, and probably do not know. No functional and useful applications, most likely, it was not originally, and this is its uniqueness. It is not often manage to find a piece that's clearly useless in the ruins of serious and major research institutes, where scientists were working on the territory of the former USSR.



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