Carnivore, herbivore or frugivorous, who am I?

To begin with I am sorry for the error. In high school I taught Russian as a foreign language.
Against the background of frequent discussions about vegetarianism, many omnivores and herbivores many, poured mud at each other, charged with the murder of animals and plants.
Let's see what was happening and try to find the truth.
To begin with, that know what a person's digestive system.

People - are mammals "frugivorous" (from the "fruits") instead of "flesh-eating" (from the "flesh") a living organism. See how people physiologically different from carnivores (predators)!
Teeth of carnivores are long and pointed, and we molars adapted for crushing and grinding of the fruit, but not the flesh.
The saliva of carnivores is acidic and is adapted to the digestion of animal protein: it does not matter for the digestion of carbohydrates. And our saliva is alkaline and contains a substance for the digestion of starches.
Stomach carnivores allocates 10 times more ideohlornoy acid than stomach frugivorous animal and human.
Intestine carnivore 3 times longer than his body and adapted for fast emptying rotten food.
The length of the same human intestine is 12 times more than the body, and it is intended to hold their food all the time, which is necessary for the absorption of nutrients.
Liver carnivore able to remove 10-15 times more uric acid than the human liver, or any frugivorous herbivores. Our liver can remove only a small amount of uric acid.

You thought when we started to eat meat?
Scientists have found (well not the British) that human ancestors started to eat meat to eat about 1, 5 million years ago, that is, much earlier than was always assumed. This conclusion was made by anthropologists from the University of Colorado (USA), who studied the remains of a two-year boy found in Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania. By part of the skull, scientists have found that the child was suffering from anemia caused by lack of food and, in particular, animal protein, which is rich in meat.

Meat - iron - hemoglobin - the oxygen - the brain. See the connection?
According to the published report, the body boy developed normally up until, for some reason, he did not stop to eat meat. Perhaps it was the same time that the child was excommunicated from the mother's breast. This study, according to experts, proves that it is due to the presence of meat in the diet, and hence the presence of proteins to amino acids, the man has become reasonable, as it contributed to the development of his brain.

From all the above, we can make a small conclusion. The man began his path to development, with the intake of large amounts of energy. The brain consumes more energy than all the other organs. It is the total body mass is only 2%, but uses about 20% of the energy produced by the body. Energy support the normal functioning of the brain and transmitted by neurons to generate nerve impulses.

And then I remembered anecdote.
A man sitting under a palm tree and eating a banana.
Goes past the other. I saw the first one, came up and said:
 - Where are you took a banana?
 - Climbed a palm tree and tore!
 - But you could pick a few bananas with this palm trees and sell them to someone at a good price. With that money you would have hired someone who would climb on the palm and on the out and collected would have been twice as many bananas. You would have to sell them. A month later, you'd be able to hire 10-15 people collecting bananas with 50 palm trees, build profitable sales of bananas, to earn a lot of money ...
 - And xpena I need it?
 - Well, what ?! What we could do nothing!
 - So I'm not doing anything so.

Girls, how much you need energy?
Let's find out how many calories are in a banana suit and pork.
At 100g banana = 60 kcal
At 100g pork = 357 kcal

And how much you need a loader, a miner, and just manufacturing workers? I think it can not survive on such work without meat.

I agree that fruits, vegetables and berries infinitely useful, but limit yourself to only them, can a person who is not engaged in heavy physical work.
I for example I can not eat 15 kg of cabbage in the day that would keep the average calorie per day.
But if I worked sitting in the office, without exposing themselves to unnecessary walking, then it could only eat plant food.

Since our evolution has brought us to this way of life, we have to give her credit. If it were not for the rapid reproduction and the lack of fruit, which forced us to eat meat, we would not have settled the planet and would not those who we are. (Homo sapiens)

Perhaps in the distant future, when all labor-intensive production will be performed by robots, each person can only eat plant food. Most likely, the person will spend 50% of their energy to the brain and that the excommunication of a person from physical work, will lead us to the new stage of development. Towards a new evolutionary leap.
Thank you!
Who read, the young, and who is not, to the termination of the evolutionary development.



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