Things that can not bring through customs

Things that can not bring through customs around the world

It happens that travelers go to a foreign country in search of adventure and find them already at the border. And in the part of the countries are prohibited items, which we are accustomed to at home. Some start smugglers manage to carry them through customs, but nobody knows, maybe airport employees will want to check is your luggage.

Chewing gum in Singapore

In Singapore for more than 20 years it is forbidden to bring chewing gum. Since local authorities are struggling for the purity of the local streets: Due to the hot climate spit gum can not be removed from the sidewalk. Also discarded gum stuck in the doorway of the underground, making it difficult to work trains. Violation is punishable by a fine of 500 Singapore dollars. Today you can buy gum only in local pharmacies, showing a doctor's prescription.
Some tourists manage to smuggle gum is banned in Singapore and cigarettes (for which you need to pay a fee). But the joke with the laws of this country, we do not recommend that - if caught on the street, have been attributed to the police.

Phone in Indonesia
Customs regulations of Indonesia on a par with weapons, drugs and explosives prohibited to carry wireless phones. Without special permission technique can be withdrawn. Another oddity: prints in the Chinese language will also be confiscated, and all the books, tapes and CDs will be given information on the check.
We are not talking about mobile phones, and those devices that we use at home.

Contraceptives in Philippines
In the Philippines, abortion is forbidden by law. Tourists are accustomed to carry a travel medicine chest, should be ready to test it on the contents of medicines for abortion. Are removed and components for making such tools. Carry only what is really needed and what is possible to make a doctor's opinion.
By the way, in the UAE can not bring many sedatives and painkillers, such as valokordin, Corvalol "Pentalgin", "Immodium", "sedalgin", "Nurofen", "Solpadein" and others. For more information, see "Custom UAE." < br />

Camouflage in Barbados
In Russia, even a cute girl can be seen spotted a camouflaged clothing, and in the territory of Barbados wearing camouflage strictly prohibited. In the Caribbean it is the prerogative of the military, and their reputation for power cherish. Therefore, tourists in clothes of colors offered to change clothes and say goodbye to "lzheboevym 'vestments.
Camouflage in Barbados will cause in the first place, surprise the locals. They really do not understand how these clothes can be worn by ordinary people in Europe.

Carbonated water in Nigeria
Wishes to carry out cross-border bottle of mineral water in Nigeria will acquire the status of smugglers and receive a large fine or even imprisonment for six months. Any carbonated beverages imported into the country is prohibited, as well as a seemingly harmless items such as mosquito nets and fabrics.
The list of prohibited products in Nigeria were also beer, fruit and vegetables.

Electrical Cuba
Going to Cuba, do not put in the trunk road iron, it may be confiscated at the border. The prohibition extends to other appliances: an electric frying pan, toaster, kettle, cooker, water heater and so on.
In some cases, you can import the technique of a certain power, but understand all the intricacies impossible - which is used by the Cuban customs.

Kinder Surprise US
In 2010, the United States was recorded 1,700 incidents of ill-fated chocolate eggs. This was the reason for a ban not only on the wholesale import Kinder Surprise, but also on the unit. Measure explained by the fact that inside the eggs contained "not edible components", which can be dangerous for a small child. The possible penalty for the importation of 300 $.
Interestingly the title of one of the online publications on this subject: "The American customs egg tear in children." But the ban is really serious.

New clothes in Malaysia
Mods better not to go to Malaysia. The importation of more than one pair of unworn shoes and three items of new clothing is strictly prohibited by law. If in your suitcase some miracle will be t-shirts printed with quotations from the Koran - they also did not cross the border of this multicultural country. Since such things are not a joke, as a weapon: you can not even carry a toy.
The prohibition exists in order to buy more tourists to Malaysia itself. Restrictions on the import and export of goods for a certain amount is in many countries. This information can be specified in either the "Custom" each country in our guide.

Musical Instruments in New Zealand
Surprisingly, bring a friend to New Zealand favorite guitar or flute is unlikely to succeed. The exception was those cases where the tourist is obliged to take back a musical instrument. Warning employees of the local customs draw and various appliances on wheels: bicycles, strollers, and even children's toys on wheels.
The question of the musical instruments is very topical, as in New Zealand, as well as in neighboring Australia, the quality of music paying much attention - there are excellent recording studios.

Spirits Madagascar
Exotic Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is known among seasoned travelers with its unique flora and fauna, as well as a strict ban on the import of perfumes. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Madagascar is considered to be the birthplace of vanilla, this is where factories are located perfume oils - eucalyptus, ylang-ylang and others. Therefore, loved ones, and even more expensive perfume is better to leave the house.
Customs Madagascar provides a fairly vague information in this regard. Most likely, we are talking about the payment of the fee, but it is better not to risk it.

In many countries it is forbidden to import
weapons and poisons
national currency
gold and precious stones
antiques, cultural values ​​
animals, stuffed animals and products from them
Plants and their fruits and seeds
meat and dairy products
seashells and corals
some medicines



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