As a kitten rescued

One summer day, two guys playing video games. Then they decided to go to the mall. On the way, they saw a lone a small lump of wool. The kitten was not only very weak, but completely blind because of an eye infection.
Young people tried to find his mother, but to no avail. They decided to take a kitten and take it to the vet. One of the guys said, "The vet said the kitten is likely to die, he was only 2 weeks and it was very weak ... The challenge is accepted." They could not let him die, and decided that it would do everything possible to save the little red-haired kitten

They began to look after him and called it Gotham.

Initially, Gotham was timid and weak ...

then he had a good appetite

Thanks to their attention and care, as well as eye drops and dry towel, he began to open his eyes

One of his nine lives he has already used

Happy Kitten!

I became a thief cookies ...

sometimes acted as a music producer.

Dissatisfied face

Gotham began making new friends

He did not learn to meow, but perfectly able to lift the mood and cheer.

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