Ekskurskiya German Technical Museum

German Technical Museum - one of the largest in the territory of Berlin. According to the maze you can walk more than one hour each time to find more and more interesting exhibits. Special attention here deserves a large collection of cars, some of which even you can go and feel like a passenger at the time. Visiting this museum is recommended for all who love technology and its history.

We come to the museum by an unusual installation.

Even from afar is seen mounted on the roof of the museum aircraft - a freighter Douglas C-47 "Skytrain", in which the allies supplied West Berlin with food during its blockade in 1948-1949.

And at the entrance, next to the cash registers, we were met by a different - light airplane.
But also promotes all good - West: on it Mathias Rust landed on the Red Square in 1987 ...

The museum is so huge - 25,000 square meters, on his visit to need a whole day ...
And we had only a couple of hours ... Begooom!
Sound interactive elements - buttons you press, you hear the sound peculiar layout object ...

What a great book and probably expensive))

Former velisaped. Study and prestavlyayuschie as they drove.
Poor priests ...

Because the museum is located in the former depot of the city railway station, one of the main exhibits here - "Trains, locomotives and people».
The oldest car!

In earlier times, Berlin was the capital of the German railway with many mainline stations and had its locomotive plant.
This way, the first steam locomotive.

All these swingers can not only watch,

but boldly climb, push, twist and twirl.

Remarks no one will do))

The exhibition consists mainly of locomotives and cars of different classes: this passenger and freight trains, diesel and electric.

At the museum staff may be asked to consultation.
Click on the button to see how to turn the wheel and goes couples,

If you wish, you can climb up there))

There is also a huge number of models of trains,

various types and scale

This is clearly on the cannon "Dora»

Layout Main Station.
Pay attention to the figures next to the clock on the facade.

That's one of them in full size!

Generally, all technical innovations associated with social changes, talk about the various documents submitted immediately ...

More ancient,

but have gone more modern ...

This futuristic general any))

Electric ultra-fast 70-xx ...

Hall huge ...
In total there are 40 original railway vehicles.

It's time to go, but the time is short ...

Study is))

Rise section tools

Everything for sanding, engraving, carving and so on ...

And this is the account of Chemistry))

So look inside the nucleus with shrapnel ...

The exhibition "The charm of the moment" is devoted to the history of photography.

There are set layouts old studios, devices ...

Exposure of obektivostroeniya))

All kinds stёklyshek ...


Much can also be used to study how that works. For example, these 3D-glasses


Here you can see the different types of photographic equipment and their history.
Here's how to develop ...

Apparatus for aerial photography,

Panoramic sverhshiriki))

Evolution outbreaks.

Fotikom for povodnoy shooting.

Becoming Nikon.

If I'm not mistaken ...

We proceed to show the development of television and video.

The first television studio

History cameras

Learning the principles of cinema

After exposure weaving spinning business

and samples of workers botinochek Calvin Clein

We go into the body dedicated to shipbuilding!

Here, on three floors are more than 1,100 exhibits on the history of inland navigation and navigation.

This room is filled with models of different years

and from different materials.

Magic three-liter jar, of course))

Below are real steam and diesel ships.

Get in, anyway, look!

The history of shipbuilding.

This giant sailing - barge late 19th century.

Driven clay tablets in Egypt))

There is a huge number of boats, and boats of all kinds yahtochek destination:




All documents and provided with interesting information.

Manage racing boats of the 19th century with manual transmission))
Pinned shaped as letters R - reverse gear))

This kiddies - learn to control the sails and knit knots.

Rising above.

Guard disguised.

Huge room with models of different ships ...

There is even an aircraft carrier

Airplane detailed not Hilo.

The ratio of the size of the ships.

All you can touch (not the glass), to listen to audio guides, watch video.

Pirate Galleon

and the hunter behind him))

This submarine!
This "Bieber" of 1944, with the possibility of control by a single person.

So months traveling in cabins 4th class. Uyutnenko.

We went into the studio with models of architectural structures ages 18-19

They are at the same time and makes. Jewelry work.

What is this airplane soars vverh? ..

Well yes it is an exhibition "From vodushnyh balls to aircraft construction»!

At this point the signal sounded to close the museum in 10 minutes ... Run!

The show covers 200 years of German aviaistorii ...

This balloons

and the first attempts to build planes

themselves first aeroplanchiki

Models of aircraft throughout the country, of course,

and these planes ... Including and the remains of the postwar.

To my great, ёshkin-cat, unfortunately, time is up ...

Saying goodbye to the museum, I felt a strong desire to bring his son here.

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