Heather Henson

Heather Hansen-artist from New Orleans presents his project «Emptied gestures». Begins her show like this: a girl sitting on a huge white sheet of paper

In the hands of her coal-

Then she stretched on a white canvas and unclear images begin to take shape

She bends over the cloth, gently moving on it as if drawing their movements coal

The way she moves, is in itself an art, you may even forget that she draws

Says Heather herself, she wants "her heart beat in time with the heart of the Universe»

Emotions that she puts into every movement, almost physically palpable when the harmony, which are impregnated with her every movement, takes the physical form

If most of the pictures taken with coal typically has a sharp and rugged features, the work of Heather is soft lines

End of work especially emotionally

Source: distractify.com


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