Minsk communal taxi driver was punished for illegal parking?

Anonymous fighters against violators of parking rules is growing. Often, their methods are in conflict with the law, but apparently, the problem in cities close to the peak point. While authorities decide whether to toughen penalties grow the ranks of people's avengers, and their methods are becoming more original. Photographic evidence of another "punishment" appeared yesterday in the profile of the local branch of the forum. "Tucson campaign punished scavengers", - commented on a photo of the local user forum voronko-s (spelling and punctuation preserved). As seen in the picture, curb is painted yellow and Annex 3, Chapter 9, para. 1.4 SDA said: Prohibits stopping and parking of vehicles, except for route vehicles (applied at the edge of the roadway or on top of the curb). The taxi driver, judging by the photos, is not the only offender. The fate of the second car is unknown.

Perhaps the most frequently on violators offended Garbage truck driver: stationary vehicles prevent them from working. Later tenants complain in VES, they say, take out the garbage not weeks. Communal repeatedly resorted to unconventional methods for controlling parking violators: forced machine Garbage give light weight of their bags of waste.

Source: auto.onliner.by


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