Houses harmful people (7 photos)

In many cities, there are individuals who find a way to spoil people, with the help of the construction of buildings in strange and bizarre locations.
And they do not care that they have been told. Above all, they got their ...

This house was built in Alexandria (Virginia) in 1830. Its width - little more than two meters. It was built by the owner of one of the neighboring houses to the passage between the houses could not walk people. Because there is nothing here!

This mansion is in the city of Frederick (MD) since 1814. It was built by a local doctor in a big hurry. The goal - to the authorities could not build a road that passes through its ownership. According to local laws can not build a road where the path is already any building. Who is trying to sell the house.

On that you can go to annoy you well, very unpleasant person? A resident of Virginia City (Nevada) bought a plot of land adjacent to the house of his enemy, and built his own house on it just a few inches from the offender, the person blocking the entire review and blocking air movement.

They say that in this strange house in the town of Marblehead (MA) once lived two brothers. One of the brothers, angry at the injustice, in his opinion, the divided inheritance, made an addition to their half specifically to spoil the second brother views.


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