5 simple ways to cope with stress.

When the voltage has reached the limit and the slightest trouble in your life pushes you into an emotional corner, it's time to start a serious struggle with stress and regain a normal life. important time to cope with stress, to avoid the doldrums. We offer you 5 simple ways to overcome stress:

1. Walk. It was she who first assistant in the restoration of emotional health. Not necessarily go to the forest and breathe the freshest air, just walk. After work, go for a one stop earlier and walk on foot - so you will automatically thoughts in order and to clear his head. By the way, it's best to go very slowly.
2. Routine. Have you noticed that people worried nervously clicks handle goes from side to side? Such actions have a calming effect. Select yourself some monotonous occupation (embroidery, washing dishes, shuffling things, cleaning the table) and run it when you feel a strong pull.
3. Massage the fingers and palms. It helps to relieve stress through mild stimulation of nerve endings brushes. You can cook a bag of rice or beans and run back hands, touching particles. As a masseur are ideal metal balls that need to touch his hand.
4. Massage the ears. Cope with stress can help massage the earlobes. Massage should be performed in a clockwise direction. Do not push too hard, you should feel comfortable, but not pain. Experts recommend a massage for 3-5 minutes. Repeat it in moments of strong emotional stress.
5. Smooth breathing. Absolutely everyone knows that during stressful situations need to breathe, but remember this one. Indeed, such practices are good and instantaneous effect. Inhale deeply through your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose. Watch the breath as long until you notice that anxiety retreats.


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