7 useful tips effective reading.

1. Regulation 10%.
Always put off from their income for 10% of the book - it's the best investment of the money. longer delay is not necessary, smaller too.

2. Read with a notebook.
This rule, I still like to call "smart read».
I've never re-read the book twice. This is because I am much detail "squeeze" out of it all the ideas - helps me a notebook. Reading the book, I write it all interesting and useful ideas, all references to other books, I write out quotes that inspire me. When you do not have a notebook or inconvenient to use them, I write in pencil in the margin.
In the end, I still squeeze in a notebook book, concentration of its ideas, the essence of meaning. Notepad and then re nice - it's very inspiring.
And most importantly - a reading allows to penetrate deeply into the book.

3. Compose top books that you want to buy
By combining the first two tips, we usually spend 10% of the money for books and a list of interesting books in the notebook. Here is a list of the best and is «to-do» future purchases. He regularly shuffled and processed - personal and professional interests tend to vary.

4. Read at least an hour a day.
And best of two. In fact, no matter how much you read (although I strongly advise you to read at least one hour per day). It is important to do it regularly - accustom themselves to the rule of "a day without books».
Set aside an hour a day for reading very difficult, especially busy person. In this case, I advise reading break into small twenty-minute segments that can be equally "eat" during the day. Read at night before going to bed is not cool, tired brain refuses to take the book and found her sleeping.

5. Mix styles.
I'm a big fan of books about self-development and motivation (I probably one of those people for whom reading books about self development then replace the self-development). However, read the daily alone such books - boring. Therefore, alternate book, first useful, then fiction, then business and behind it - art. Art books are also very useful and interesting to read.

6. Do not hold the books.
Read - on the shelf? Why! If you read correctly, then quickly realize that the book turns into a one-time thing, a kind of syringe with ideas for intelligent drug addict.
I suggest changing books with friends and acquaintances. Firstly, it is a cool way to save money. Second, you're helping friends learn and develop. I've lost count of the books that are sent by mail to your friends - and I am pleased, and good for them.

7. The transition to electronic books.
Who would not say that, but a paper book is gradually dying out, turning into a kind of vinyl - a treat for the fans. Read a reader easier, simpler and much cheaper. For lovers of reading reader pays for about two months. And how many trees you'll save - it's hard to count.


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