How to improve your reading skills


In the modern information age reading is indeed one of the basic skills to survive. Here are ten tips that anyone can use to improve their reading skills. 1. You do not need to be a great reader, to make sense of some people to read faster and remember everything. Others read slowly and repeatedly to store the information. In fact, it does not matter if while reading you get the information you were looking for. 2. Know why you are reading you read for fun or to learn something? Determine why you're reading something, before you start, and you will greatly improve your understanding and strengthen the pleasure of reading. 3. You do not need to read everything Not every magazine, a letter or an e-mail message that you received contains the necessary information. In fact, most of it - just rubbish. Throw it, ignore or delete. Just do it, you get twice as much time to read something really important or useful. 4. You do not need to read everything from what you have already read Do you read every article of every magazine and every chapter of every book? If so, then you probably spend a lot of time reading something that you do not need. Be choosy: select only those items that are important to you. Ignore the rest. 5. Scan before you start reading a look at the table of contents, themes, titles, captions, etc. This will help you determine: whether you have a real interest in reading this;
what information you are likely to get from reading it. 6. Set your priorities for the reading you can not read it all at once (and do not want). If it is important, read it now. If it does not matter, let it wait. 7. Choose a suitable environment for reading you will read faster and understand more if you do it in an environment that is most convenient for you. 8. If you have started to read, do not throw the Review that have chosen to end. When you have finished, but you still have questions, go back and re-read the relevant sections. If you have no problems, then you have what you need and are ready to move on. 9. Focus Remember that you are reading with a purpose, so focus on that goal and read the material. If you start to lose interest, take a break or read something else. You can keep track of what you read, helping himself with a hand or a finger. This simple technique will help you focus and improve concentration. 10. Practice The more you read, the more you become a good reader (and smart too). So read more to nourish and to temper his mind.



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