12 amazing facts about the world economy:

1. The average life expectancy of Afghan men is the lowest in the world - 43, 4 years. In Zimbabwe, women live an average of 43 and 8 years old. Japanese women live almost twice as long - an average of 86, 2 years. Men tiny state of Andorra live to an average of 80, 3 years.

2. In Venezuela, beer lovers more than anywhere else on Earth, this year people consume 83 liters per person. In Guadeloupe love champagne, drinking 4, 25 bottles per year on the nose.

3. The Greeks - the most heavy smokers: on average, each accounting for 8 here, one of cigarettes smoked per day.

4. The average unemployment rate for men is 8, 4%. For married men - 4, 9%.

5. According to the International Energy Agency, world governments grant in 2011 for fossil fuels totaled 409 billion dollars. This is almost twice more than the GDP of Ireland.

6. The highest percentage of the working population in relation to non-working - in the Cayman Islands. He is 67, 7 percent.

7. In Canada, the largest percentage of owners of personal computers - 94, 3 PCs per 100 people. In Denmark, the most actively enjoy broadband internet - an average of 35, 9 users per 100 people.

8. China produces the most gold - 270 tons per year.

9. The highest quality of life, according to the Human Development Index - in Iceland. It is 96, 8 points out of 100.

10. The most reckless drivers Qatar: 9989 wounded and 33 killed in road accidents per 100 000 people.

11. The largest number of tourists takes France - in 2007 the number was 81.9 million people.

12. According to forecasts, China's policy of "one child per family" will lead to the fact that the labor force of the country in 2016 will start to decline rapidly.


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