5 steps how to break the book (5 photos)

A few years ago everyone in the house was a thick telephone directory. And no doubt, there were attempts to break it to impress friends.
See a detailed description of how to break a book. And next time, do not get trapped.


Step 1: Take a phone book with both hands


Place your thumb on top and bottom grab as close as possible to the edge.

Step 2: Bend your phone book so as to form the letter «V»


This "trick" reduces the force required is about two times. Push with your thumbs on the center and arch your phone book in the shape of «V». This form increases the space between the pages, i.e. reduces the effect of "glue" pages. The deeper and sharper will be the «V», the easier it will be to break your phone book.

Step 3: Start to tear a telephone directory


Lean telephone directory of the leg at the site of fracture. Davie hand, to increase the pressure at the point of fracture. Compress, until you notice that some pages do not began to break, it means that the book is in great suspense. Continue to increase pressure, mainly due to the pectoral muscles. At some point, you feel that the reference begins to succumb

Step 4: Pull the halves


Once you tear region, the rest of the phone book will be much easier to break. There is a problem with a good and strong grip, and with the fullness of power transmission burst.

Step 5: boasted


I congratulate you - the hero ...

Source: carabaas.livejournal.com


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