Toilets in Europe

Who has not been in Europe, beware of the toilets, not our brains are!
Stuttgart made little need to go in the evening in the outdoor public composting toilet.
Single cabin, very neat, shiny, clean, packed with sensors and computer controlled. Throw a coin into the slot door 2 euros, doors automatically open, lights come, you come, the doors are closed. Well, I did my business, you need to go, and the buttons to open the door no no. Include your logic, the Germans control program written gone - lifted the lid of the toilet, poured water, closed the lid. Can sensor which stuck? Repeat the process. The door will not open. May have to sit on the lid, and then stand up, then drain the water? Repeat the process. The door will not open. So Much. That I forgot? Can wash your hands? Once again I repeat the process again. I present to the crane arm, the sensor is triggered, the water is flowing, then automatically shuts off, hoping and looking sadly at the door-not opened. The prospect of sleeping in a fancy
German push me not inspired. Shout to his friend, stayed outside (lucky):
"Jack, this infection does not let me!" He tries to bribe the toilet, putting a coin into the slot. The machine does not begging, not take, and all. On kicks and punches too unresponsive. Jack yells:
"Hold on, now call the police!" Having nothing to do, repeat the process, wash my hands, turn on the dryer ... dryer off, the door opens. Then read somewhere the story of how a dude in a fancy toilet in France went. Paying put centimes, our countryman could assume that everything inside the cabin is a sterile clean, and according to this, as it should be neat Homo sapiens climbed feet on the toilet ...
In the brains of the computer toilet discrepancy: floor sensor is disabled, it means that people came out, the water is not drained, something not so included disinfection. Dude sitting on the pot, his business is doing, and then turned off the light, and his shower of disinfecting solution as livanёt! He jumped off the toilet,
computer generally stuck: the door is closed, and a man appeared ?! And depends upon enabling jets of hot air drying ...
A few hours rescuers cut vandal-proof door blowtorch, pulling mad poor fellow from the clutches of the Parisian toilet. So I have got off lightly.



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