Useful tips

Once, during the Soviet era, tips have been very popular and often published in various journals. We offer 13 modern simple and useful tips, compliance with which your life a little easier.
Put a couple of tea bags in a bag with sportswear or shoes - and get rid of the odor

To remove scratches on the furniture, you need to rub her nucleolus walnut.

Check breath easy: lick your wrist, wait a few seconds and smell.

Fold credit card wallet in "upside down" - so they are easier to get

When the shop put on headphones and sellers will not get you.

Contact lenses are dry? Close your eyes and soak with water forever.

In order to rapidly cool drink bottle, wrap a damp paper towel and place in the freezer.

Put a piece of capsicum hot pepper on the aching tooth and the pain subsides.

Toothpaste is an excellent tool for cleaning the headlights.

Clean the scoop rescue if necessary fill water too much, does not fit under the tap capacity.

Regular dental floss (without impregnation and flavors) - an ideal tool for cutting cakes, cheese and other soft products.

In a campaign to attach Headlights plastic canister with water - and a tent filled with soft light.

Spend on antiperspirant soles of the feet before I go running, or if you have a long walking tour. This trick will help to keep your feet warm in the winter and will protect from calluses.



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