Pajero from Ufa

Description: "Black" Pajero "on the road has created an emergency situation, in consequence of which had to apply the emergency brake. He signaled he decided to punish me, decelerating me. Staying at the crossroads of I approached him to ask if everything is okay at it, but when he saw behind the wheel with a gay scarf tied around his neck understood - PID *** aces is better not to get involved. "Continued inside.

Then he came out and said that I had entered into it, and that I did not prove it. What was his surprise that I was in the regiment turned to video (thanks to the guy who filmed it all and left me his data), I began to say that this editing, it is not his car, and that's not it at all. Naturally he was found guilty, and this poor guy probably ran home for validol. Before you leave the parking lot of the regiment DPS, he drove up to my car, tore his anterior state number, and disappeared ... All this happened under the cameras !!! The joy I then headed to the Oktyabrsky district police department, where he wrote a statement about the theft of state. rooms (with video cameras regiment DPS +2 eyewitness). When I left it just brought to the police station.
It is unclear how this patient lived to be 50 years from FGM (phimosis brain), a critical level. The desire to think he is not categorically.




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