Olympic torch 2014

This man rode with a burning torch on a snowboard in the Siberian Sheregesh.

Divers dive with a burning fire in the waters of the deepest lake in Russia - Baikal. We were not wrong - the fire was under water.

This daredevil, Michael Chuev, brought the torch from the boat to the shore by a jetpack. Yes, we, like you, had also unaware of the existence of such "backpacks».

These fellows running in the snow carried the torch on the icebreaker "50 Years of Victory", which you can see in the background. And by the way, I have already mentioned that the vehicle engine runs on nuclear energy? 2014 Olympic Games would not be "Russian", if nowhere sounded "nuclear" word.

Then the good old "50 years" sailed with a torch to ... the North Pole. For the first time in the history of the ancient Greek Olympics mascot visited the edges of Santa Claus

Since we have mentioned Santo, also swept the torch and reindeer - to the city of Yakutsk. But unlike Santa's reindeer, they could not fly.

You probably thought that the North Pole is impossible to beat. And here and there: in the photo Soyuz rocket that delivered the torch to the international space station.

Here, missile launch from Baikonur.

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergei Ryazan with a torch extinguished in open space. Unfortunately, due to lack of oxygen in space, fire can not burn. Even if you "Russian».

By some miracle, the man in the photograph managed to keep the flame burning, absolutely swimming in icy water.

If you have any doubts about the water temperature, the people in this photo you want to announce that the white substance - a real ice.

But not only men in Russia excellent blood circulation and thick, "Thermal insulation" skin. In the photo you can see torchbearer Natalia Usachev, challenging the Yenisei in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Another incredible view of transporting fire - crossing a tightrope.

"Steepness" of the Russian age is not a hindrance! 101-year-old Alexander Kaptarenko became the oldest in the history of the Olympic Games. Moreover, he said that he would participate in the championship ping-pong among veterans of sports.

Elena Saprygin brought the fire in the sports center of the Siberian Tomsk, being in a wheelchair.

The Kremlin could not pass up the opportunity to demonstrate achievement of the military - the image on background fire fighter combat.

For most people, camels are associated with the desert, but in the history of Russian camels too, there is some "cool": during the Second World War, the camels were used as transport and called "grasshoppers».

If you do not look at the machine in the background, the scene could easily pass for an episode of the Bolshevik Revolution - which alone is worth the cap at the guy on the left! "To victory, comrades!»

Torch also been to the mountaintop. Fear of heights ?! What a nonsense!

And now look at the invasion of boats on the Volga in Tver!

Another reason to consider Russian incredibly steep - judging by this picture many of them can boast of being descended from the Vikings!

This torchbearer climbed onto the bridge ... just like that. But effectively!

And these guys down in boats on the rivers of Gorno-Altaisk ... And why not?

Eugene Scherbinin from the Sverdlovsk region drove a fire in the motor carriage, which in itself is incredibly cool.

The final (but not last) and the coolest fakelonosets- President Putin. As it tells us, "I'll see you at the Olympics!»



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